I’m Karol Valencia

and I believe that legal design can lead to a better world for everyone. When we create documents and processes that take into account how humans interact with information, we get better decisions and better outcomes.

Recent Talks

As a legal designer, I work at the intersection of tech, law, and design, so my projects typically span all three.  Given the confidential nature of the law, it can be hard to share work but I am committed to speaking as often as possible about the nature of the legal design process and you can watch some of those talks below (while frequently in Spanish, English subtitles are usually available).


While there are many approaches to legal design and my projects are customized to the environment within which they are applied, most involve at least four lens through which we can view legal transformation.

Structured But Flexible

By definition, the law is built to introduce structure and that frequently comes with rigidity.  But people are fluid and so the processes that serve them must also be adaptive. Finding a balance is essential to designing legal services that serve the best needs of both society and the individual.

Educational Approach

Traditionally, legal education has emphasized the memorization and recall of static content.  By incorporating design thinking and orienting the next generation of legal professionals to frameworks, we can fundamentally change approaches to the application of law.

Focusing On Understanding

In order to comply with the law, people must understand both its intent and its application.  When we design for understanding, we reduce unintentional legal breaches and allow people to make conscious choices about their position on the legal spectrum.

Emphasizing Access

Because legal action occurs at many intersections from individual to entity, local to global, and civil to criminal, we must ensure equitable access across them all.  From antiquity to the modern era, equality before the law is one of the basic tenets of legal systems and yet achieving this equality means making careful and conscious design decisions when we create and apply the legal process.

About Me

A former lawyer, I now work as a legal designer full time, collaborating with institutions around the world to change their approach to the intersection between people and the law. In my off hours, you’ll find me biking along Spain’s many beautiful trails or fencing (épée!), then trying to create the perfect Spritz Veneziano. LinkedIn is the best expression of my professional career; Instagram tends to get a bit more personal.  You can read more about me and my articles here.


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